Radioigel has become a part of my life

precious_sliderI’ve been working with the radio for about three years now and since then, it has become a part of my life. Radio is not just a means of listening to music and finding out what the latest news or the weather is, for me this radio channel is a way of giving young people a voice regardless of their origin, background, skin color, or religion.
I think this radio channel has opened my eyes to different possibilities and ways of life and it’s just my little way of helping others and lending them a voice.

Precious´ Radiobeiträge sind auch Gabriele Woldan von schuelerradio.at aufgefallen. Um das Talent, Themen Gehör zu verschaffen, zu unterstützen, hat sie ein ganz persönliches Aufnahmegerät für Precious mitgebracht. Huge Smile!

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